Tuesday, October 22, 2013


(us at The Chapel!)

When I first met Keith I spent a lot of my time going to local music shows, but since school picked up in a large way a couple years back the shows I go to have been few and far between. (The last one I went to got me a concussion) So when my friend Megan introduced me to the band Widowspeak and told me they were playing at The Chapel in San Francisco, I hopped right on the opportunity! 
The Chapel is an awesome venue I had never been to before, and looked like it could have actually been a church at one point. I got a nice beer, ate some amazing fries, got to spend time with good friends, and listened to good music the whole way there, at the show, and the whole way back.
I also did a drawing of the singer, which you can view here.

This is one of Widowspeak's singles, I love love love this video!

On a side note, while walking through Valencia St. to get to the venue, I spotted this CHICKEN PURSE. Complete with chicken coin purse. Needless to say, this is going on my Christmas List.

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