Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkins and Friends

This weekend we went to our first pumpkin patch of the season! I did some research this time around because the pumpkin patch I used to frequent as a kid has taken a turn to be more of a blow-up jumpy house arena than about the pumpkins. So I found one in south San Jose; Giordano Farms! They had such a huge selection of gorgeous pumpkins to choose from, a miniature corn maze (meant for children but we went in anyway), and my favorite part- Bunnies. I practically had to be dragged away from the bunnies. It was unseasonably warm, but we broke out our flannel anyway. Lauren and Megan found some of the most picture perfect pumpkins I've ever seen (which I ironically don't have any pictures of).
Keith and I came home with 4 pumpkins in all, my favorite being a beautiful snowy white one.

I know some people like to use blogs as reference for shopping, so if anyone cares to know-
Flannel shirt: Thrifted   Skirt: H&M   Cowboy Boots: Thrifted   Purse: Urban Outfitters

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