Wednesday, October 9, 2013

5 ways to channel Ariel in everyday life.

In all likely hood you were (and still are) obsessed with Ariel just like I was as a kid if you are reading this. I would not go to sleep until my mom put The Little Mermaid on, I had a water bed because I wanted to live in the ocean like Ariel did, and over half of my clothing had her face on it. Well now that I'm older, I am no less of an Ariel fan girl, but somehow wearing anything and everything with her face on it isn't quite cutting it anymore.
So how can I keep a Little Mermaid essence alive in my everyday style? When I was a teenager I dyed my hair bright red, but now I need something different. So here are five ways I  like to channel Ariel in my everyday life.

1. Let your hair run wild and long. Embrace the messy look! Part of Ariel's appeal is her free spirit, and free-floating hair. We can't live underwater, but we can let our hair blow in the wind, and some seashell barrettes make it all that much better.

2. Purple Eyeshadow. I picked up this eyeshadow at the drug store, based solely on the fact that it looked like the purple of Ariel's seashells. This isn't the only purple out there that can work, I have a few others but this one is my favorite. So until I find a dress with purple seashell patterns over my boobs, I'm going to wear this eyeshadow.

3. Coral Lipstick. Aside from the fact that coral is from the ocean and is therefor related to Ariel, this color feels so right for her. I tend to lean toward the more red corals than the pinks or oranges, because they are more similar to her lips.

4. Seashell details. This purse is already on my Christmas list this year, how much better can it get? You mean I can actually keep my stuff in a seashell? Sign me up! Seashell barrettes, seashell compact mirror, seashell shoes, seashell seashells, I don't care! Just bring on the shells.

5. Be Confident. The main thing that we all love about Ariel is her head-strong personality. She knows what she wants and she goes for it full force! So even if you don't have purple eyeshadow, a prince charming, or the most amazing singing voice, if you are confident and strong you will be channeling Ariel in the best way possible.