Friday, October 18, 2013

Top 5 Halloween Candies

It's time for a long overdue Top 5 list, and since there is a giant fish bowl full of candy staring me down in the office right now, I am making this one about Halloween candy. I miss trick-or-treating so much that I may consider having children just so I can do it again. (KIDDING. children are not for candy... children are not for candy...) Anyway, I was thinking about all of the candies I would flip out over when I was younger, and which ones I was willing to trade anything to get my hands on.

1. Candy Corn
As pictured above with the title- I feel like Candy Corn is a pretty polarizing candy, but I always have and always will love it with an unhealthy passion. Every year I get the "Autumn Mix" with the chocolate corn and the pumpkins. I can not get enough of this candy, or anything themed after this candy for that matter.

2. Blow Pops
Bubble gum was probably my favorite type of candy as a child, which made me a bit of a frustration with teachers (story of my life). But when you combined bubble gum with something else, like a freaking LOLLIPOP I was just taken. I traded all of my tootsie pops for these bad boys, and I would do the same today.

3. Crybabies
Like I said before, bubble gum. Love it. Sour bubble gum? I'm never eating real food again. Just give me crybabies. I still buy these for myself on a regular basis to this day, they lose their flavor fast but I love them. 

4. Crunch Bars
One of the best chocolate bars around in my opinion, nice and simple with a little somethin-somethin. I think these are best in their miniature form.

5. Pop Rocks
These were a bit of trick-or-treating rarity. If anyone got this in their bag, they were the prettiest girl at the ball. My sister and I used to eat these and try to see who could make the loudest popping sounds. My favorite flavor is blue raspberry.

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