Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Couple's Costumes

I love doing a good couple's costume, and the last time I did a costume without a partner was about 7 years ago. This was mine and Keith's only couple costume. He was a WW2 GI and I was WW2 era Wonder Woman. I made the costume myself, and keep it around as a back up to this day. However, the year after this I met Lauren, and Keith was (not sorry to say) booted and Lauren and I have been doing a couple costume every year since. Our ultimate dream costumes are Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn (her as Ivy and myself as Harley) but we are saving that for a day when we have more money and time, so we can do it justice. Or injustice. Haha villain joke.

This was our first joint costume, and truthfully the nerdiest. We went as Frank and Ollie, 2 Disney animators. Hardly anyone knew who we were, though luckily we partied with some Disney fanatics that night and won the costume contest!

The next year we went with a simple Cowboy and Indian theme, and were ninnies and only took this very up close, grainy picture. One day we'll learn to take good photos of our costumes.

This was my favorite, Jesse and Heisenberg! We spent the day slipping people bags of "blue meth" (actually blue raspberry rock candy) We don't think we'll ever be able to top these costumes, at least not anytime soon. A fellow classmate almost called UPD on us when they saw us going into the womens' restroom!

We are both big Scream fans and decided a good party costume would be to go as victims of Ghostface. It was so much fun throwing fake blood at each other, and we even had some friends dress up as Ghostface and pretend to kill us throughout the night.

And now this year. Han Solo and Chewbacca: Lady-fied. A cute and girly Han Solo has been on my Halloween to-do list for some years now, and I finally did it! Lauren's costume was so wonderfully fuzzy it was hard not to hug her all night. This year we were turned into an awesome trio with the addition of our close friend Megan as Boba Fett! So much detail went into her jetpack and I'm sad we didn't get a picture of it. One day we'll learn... hopefully. She gave us all lady nicknames; Hanna Solo, Babe-ba Fett, and Chewbaccita.

I'm already excited for our costumes next year! Happy Hallow's Eve!

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