Friday, August 23, 2013

Top Five Jesse Pinkman Moments (Spoilers)

Up Next- Jesse Pinkman. I started compiling my favorite moments of Breaking Bad, and like I stated before, it became clear that it needed to be broken up into characters. So here are Jesse Pinkman's Top Five Moments. (According to this random girl with access to the internet)

1. Magnets.
This is my favorite comedic line to come from Jesse, and I think it might be a favorite for a lot of fans. He's reacting the way any of us would to a giant magnet doing awesome things. Yeah bitch, Magnets!

2. Jesse Wakes up next to Dead Jane
This scene is incredibly heartbreaking, and is not the first time we feel sad for Jesse, and is certainly not the last. However, I think this may the the time I felt the worst for him. There's something about seeing Jesse lose a love like this. When we were introduced to him he was presented as too lost to feel something this deeply for another person. 

3. Jesse Shows the Mexican chemists what's what.
We see Jesse grow so much in the series, which is considerable when you realize that seasons 1-4 is only spanning one year. This is one of those concrete moments when we see Jesse coming into his own, and having unshakable confidence.

4. Jesse puts a gun to Walt's head.
Once again we are aching for Jesse. We see him reach his breaking point, and is viciously manipulated yet again by Walter. I honestly didn't know who to root for in this instance, and found myself just being an observer lost in complete emotional bewilderment.

5. Jesse's rejects self-acceptance.
This is such a clear insight to how Jesse thinks about himself. He is bringing all of his guilt to the surface, and admits that he is there to sell meth. Jesse does not accept himself, or the things he's done but feels like he can't change them, and has no choice. Once again my heart is aching for Jesse, and all we want is for him to get out, and be happy. 

Anyway, every time I feel really bad for Jesse I watch this, and everything feels a little bit better.

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