Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Life Lessons

I am very young, so my lessons may not be as "worth their salt" by other peoples' standards, but at this moment I am the oldest I have ever been. It's all relative. I saw this article today, and thought to myself; What are life lessons I've learned? What have I learned for myself through personal experience, and what have I learned by listening to others? I think, though there are lessons that ring true across the board, everyone has a unique set. One lesson that may read the same in print could have very different meanings amongst different people. So here is my list, as of 2013 at age 23, some I learned on my own, some I learned from others.

1. Sleep is very important.
2. The situation will change, good or bad.
3. Worrying makes everything worse.
4. Things will end up OK because we make it so.
5. God is always there.
6. If you feel like you need to lay down, lay down.
7. Don't get your hair done if you are on a tight budget.
8. Independence is worth being broke.
9. Don't wait on money for love.
10. Most employers will not treat you fairly, accept it and move on.
11. Take time to chase squirrels. (or smell roses, whatever floats your boat)
12. Believe you can be the next big thing.
13. Drink enough water.
14. What others think of you does not matter.
15. Cross some lines.
16. Strive to do the different thing, even if you love what everyone else is doing.
17. Be eccentric now.
18. Always know how you're getting home before you go out.
19. Get donuts at 1am.
20. Speak up, make yourself known.
21. Always be a little kinder than necessary. 
22. Be there for your friends, you need each other.
23. Trust what your best friend tells you.
24. Invest in memories, not things.
25. Unless that thing is a vacuum cleaner, you need that.
26. Be clean, you'll be healthier for it.
27. Put the phone down.
28. Being afraid is ok, as long as you move forward.
29. Don't worry about wearing the same thing as someone else, embrace it.
30. Forgive yourself for your teen years.
31. Comparison only leads to misery.
32. Great painters were not born great, they were great because they paint a lot.
33. Choose the path less taken, it's worth the hike.
35. There are no bad drawings, just steps to good ones.
36. Laugh at yourself everyday.
37. Get a credit card as soon as you can, and pay the bills on time.
38. Embracing yourself does not mean you don't have to work on yourself.
39. College is not the only option.
40. Spread love and you will receive it.
41. No one is perfect, including yourself, and that is beautiful.
42. Be a geek, we do run the world after all.

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