Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Comfy in Cobalt

If you've ever gone clothes shopping with me, you'll know that I start out the day saying "I'm not getting anything blue." and inevitably walk home with something blue. Let me clarify that this is not because I love the color blue, or that I think it looks particularly good on me, but because I have the blue curse. What's the blue curse you ask? Well let me tell you. Anything and everything that will fit me nicely, or comes in my size, or is within my budget, will be blue. No matter what, it will be blue. Despite how persistently I try to look for it in another color, if I really want whatever it is, I will have to settle for blue. 
HOWEVER, this season I am going to make an exception, I am currently very much intrigued by cobalt details. So much so that I may actually purposefully look for things in this color. (which leads me to wonder if the curse will reverse, and I won't find anything.) These are some comfy cobalt looks that I am really digging. I think the scarf may be my next crochet project.

All photos found via Pinterest

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