Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baby Shower

Over the weekend I went to my Sister-in-Law's baby shower. She is having a beautiful baby girl (as you can probably tell by the massive amounts of pink, and "baby girl" sign), and she will be my first Niece! I can not wait to be an Auntie! 
The baby shower was absolutely beautiful, and was put on by her Mom and Sister, and they did such an amazing job. It was held in her own backyard. There was a candy bar, tea sandwiches, pink lemonade, and OPI's "It's a Girl!" nail polishes for favors.
Aside from it just being a wonderful celebration of a new family member to come, I actually won a game! I never win shower games, and I LOVE them, so I was beyond ecstatic. The game I won was sculpting a baby out of chewed bubble gum. (Thank you art school.) I won't post a picture of my winning baby, because it was quite sticky and unappealing looking, BUT IT WON NONE-THE-LESS. Very excited.

I thought this would be a perfectly appropriate time to bust out my pink heart sunglasses. I fit right in with the candy bar!

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