Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Top Five Video Games

I've grown up playing video games my whole life, but I would never call myself a "gamer". This is because, first and foremost, I do not care for labels. If I call myself a gamer does that mean I have an obligation to reach a certain quota of played games? Will I be judged for not having played some famous titles? I don't have the time or energy for all the ramifications that come with the "gamer" label, so I will just play the games I play without calling myself anything.
That being said, I love video games, I get quite wrapped up in them and my husband is constantly encouraging me to play more. (He is a big enthusiast and vintage game collector, so our home is never lacking when it comes to games and platforms.)
As a child I was in love with Nintendo, then as I got older I graduated up to Playstation, and eventually came to love the Xbox 360. I currently have a hard time deciding between any of these, all are great for various reasons.
These are my personal top five video games, and why I've chosen them.

1. Ratchet and Clank
As I mentioned before, I've been playing since I was very young but I credit this game as the one that really got me into video games. I played it the summer before 7th grade, after that I was hooked, and always on the search for a new game to get enveloped in. I loved the quick learning curve this game had, the adventure game roam-ability, and the classic Sci-Fi inspired environments. The variety of weapons is fantastic, and only gets better with sequels to come. 

2. Mario Kart Double Dash
I've done a post featuring this game already, but now let's talk about some of the reasons I love it as a game instead of a metaphor. Mario Kart Double Dash will always have a spot in my heart because of the replay-ablity and as a result, the wonderful memories this game has given me. Being able to race as a team makes this game so unique as a multiplayer game, and benefits all types of players (experienced and new). It's easy to pick up and play for less than an hour, and it's easy to spend the whole evening on this game. My favorite feature in this game are the character specials, which sadly is not a feature in Mario kart Wii.

3. Final Fantasy X
I first played this game in middle school, and have lost count of how many times I have replayed it since. This may not be a consistent favorite among Final Fantasy fans, but it is mine. It was my introduction to the FF franchise, and I have since gone back and played others, but this remains my favorite. Maybe it's because it was my first FF love, but it never changes, and I will continue to replay this game over and over.

4. Dead Space
I played through this game with friends. We would get together about every-other night, and have some snacks, drinks, and play Dead Space. Our great friend, Jonathan, would take over the controller and we were all along for the ride. (Occasionally my roommate Lauren or I would take over, but that usually resulted in comical screaming and death rather than actual story development.) Yes the picture above is of us playing the game. Damn Necromorphs.

5. Arkham City
I am a huge Batman fan. Most of my comics and graphic novels are Batman, and I've been treading on "obsessed" with him since an early age. (who isn't though?) Last summer I had foot surgery, and as a result was left bed ridden for a few weeks. So naturally, I played through all of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City in that time, as well as re-read nearly every Batman Graphic novel I own. (My issue of The Killing Joke has seen better days) Though I personally prefer the story of Arkham Asylum, nothing beats the playability of Arkham City. This game is just fantastic. I'm still working on my 100% slowly over time, which is another reason I love this game. I finished the story but I don't have to start over in order to keep playing! The villains in this game are amazing, with so many surprises too. The Catwoman DLC and Harley Quinn's Revenge are also fantastic.

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