Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Top Five Comic Book Artists

Cory Walker
What I love most about Cory Walker's style is his bold outer lines. This is something I love doing, but have been repeatedly told not to do by teachers over many years of schooling. Seeing a professional do this inspires me to keep doing this despite all of the nay-saying. I think Walker is also one of the clearest illustrators I've seen in the comic world, you can see every detail without getting overwhelmed, or the drawing looking too simple.

Lee Bermejo
Bermejo's pencils look like the characters were crafted out of tin foil. His rendition of the Joker is very reminiscent of Heath Ledger's portrayal, and I love it. Bermejo really sucks the reader into the gritty reality of comic book worlds, and makes you feel the dirt and grime of what's going on. I love the amount of detail work paired right next to graphic elements, like the white silhouette of the Joker's hair against Batman's cape in the above image.

Frank Miller
Frank Miller feels so classic to me, he reminds me of Will Eisner, and his use of bold black and whites are breath taking. I feel like Frank Miller is a good example of taking all of the rules we learn in fundamental drawing/painting classes, and breaking them.

Bruce Timm
Anyone who grew up with the 1992 Batman Animated Series will have a soft spot in their hearts for Bruce Timm. His style is so appealing, graphic, and is beautifully pared down into the most essential shape language. His gestures are some of the most animated (big surprise) and the amount of emotion he can put into such a simple face design always blows me away. His pinup work is one of my favorite series in the world.

Paul Pope
I found out about Paul Pope from an issue of Hi Fructose, and only later found out that he did comics. Pope's line work inspires me so much, he has a way of making things lumpy or wrinkly in a way that doesn't feel old or unappealing, but feels beautiful and real. His characters look like they have been through some things, their bodies have been used up a bit, and it shows. 

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