Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Trends I know will pass, but love to indulge in anyway.

I'm in a fashion mood today and you heard me. I know they're trends, I know some of them may be silly or even ridiculous, but I love them with all my heart, and aim to senselessly wear them out before the next round of gnarly fashion indulgences rolls around.

NUMBER ONE: Perfectly huge round sunglasses. I have a pair almost identical to this, and they just may be my most favorite thing I own. They remind me of hippies (which I spent the better part of my childhood and teenage years trying to be) and they are surprisingly functional. Mine keep the most sun out of my eyes and don't have giant rims that create blind-spots.

NUMBER TWO: Short Denim Overalls. I had many pairs of these as a kid, and until recently was glad they no longer graced my closet, but then I saw this episode of New Girl and now I am on a very serious lookout. I haven't found a pair yet, but when I do it will be difficult to get them off of me.

NUMBER THREE: Cat vests. (Or anything tapestry for that matter) This is one I'm particularly fond of, and my collection is growing at a steady pace. I was actually insanely lucky enough to find a cat vest at a legitimate thrift store. ($2. Yeah.) This is one of those things that I love to wear and go; "Yes, this is funny. Yes, this is ridiculous. But you can not deny that I. Look. AMAZING." I mean Freddie Mercury rocked this look, how can I go wrong?

NUMBER FOUR: Hologram anything. (except shirts. no.) This may be the most short lived trend of the now, but it is one of my favorites. It is cheap, bright, and not flattering in the traditional sense, but man is it fun. I just want to walk around in these shorts all day.

NUMBER FIVE: Too small, too short, too destroyed, high waisted denim shorts. Its cute, sexy in a casual "I didn't even try" sort of way, and one of the less extreme trends, and I love them. Enough said.

NUMBER SIX: Bright Lilac Lipstick. I want my lips to look like a gummy candy ok? (And stuff my bra with perfume, leave me alone.)

NUMBER SEVEN: Galaxy Prints, particularly leggings. I have always wanted to go to space, and once lived in a room covered in space posters, littered with books about the solar system, and hand painted planets hanging from my ceiling. The least I can do is get my legs there.

So there you have it. I hope my small delve into the fashion world was amusing, and inspired you to wear some silly things with pride. Just don't wear everything at once.

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