Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dining Table Renewal

Keith and I are on a tight budget for furnishing our new home, so the first couple weeks back from our honeymoon we went Yard Sailing! It was always a fun summer outing, we wake up early, pack a lunch and go on a neighborhood yard sale hunt. We managed to find a good-as-new dining set that was just the right size for our tiny apartment for $25. Huge money saver for us. The only problem was that two of the chairs were a drab red color:

I am a huge fan of the mix-match look, so I was fine with two chairs being a different style and color, but something had to be done about the red. So I decided on a bright sunny yellow, it really added some fun brightness to our living/dining room. We finished the look off with some fun seat cushions from World Market.

I really like the process of spray painting. Its a lucky thing I'm not a graffiti artist.

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