Friday, March 14, 2014

Daily Proton: Finally Friday!

That's right. Good old fashioned TGIF. THANK GOD IS RIGHT! I am so excited for the weekend, and despite the fact that it is not technically summer yet, I am in full blown summer mode. 
I was reflecting this morning about how I feel about my job, I very much dislike it, it makes me feel unmotivated, and often times can make me depressed. But then I always remember I am doing it for a reason, I am doing it to support my new family as a married woman, I am doing it to help us move to where we want to go and it is TEMPORARY. Sometimes this can be so hard to remember, but its important to remind ourselves that any unsavory situation we may be in, it is temporary. Just like this week is ending, this time will end too. So if you're in a similar situation, fight the good fight. You'll get through it, and as Calvin's dad would say; "It builds character!"

So enjoy your Friday! Take a break and have a mini dance party!

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