Thursday, March 20, 2014

Daily Proton: 10 Things to be Happy About Right Now

1. It is the first day of Spring!
Winter is officially over and the days are getting longer! This is especially good news for those of us working 9-5 because now we actually get to experience some DAYLIGHT! And even more good news is the days will only get longer from here on out!

2. It is almost the weekend!
ONE MORE DAY until Saturday! And let's face it, Fridays feel like they're already half Saturday anyway. So power through today and stay up late tomorrow!

3. Frozen was just released on BluRay!
Yeah I'm never gonna stop watching this now.

4. Disney announced a sequel for The Incredibles!
The only Pixar movie that actually called for a sequel is finally getting one! And better yet it is being written by Brad Bird! YES.

5. Tea exists in the world.
Seriously guys, if you haven't gotten on the tea bandwagon its time to. It is so beneficial for your health and it tastes delicious, and there are endless flavors and benefits depending on what kind of tea you get! Its like Magic!

6. Spring Break is around the corner!
I'm not in college anymore but a lot of my friends are, and this is good news indeed! Even if you don't get a week off, embrace the loosey goosey vibe and have a couple drinks and spend some time outdoors!

7. Easter is coming up!

8. This Gif was made:

9. If for some reason today is a bad day, it is the last March-20-2014 you'll ever have to live through.
Seriously, if today is so bad there is at least this. Its the last time you'll experience today. Time keeps on pushin' and better things are coming tomorrow!

10. I found this website:
I am definitely going to use this for yoga at home. It can be such a stress reliever! I even put it on at work sometimes.

And seriously, this song doesn't get old. So give it a listen and make a list of your own!

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