Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nature Painters

Emma and I are both recent art school graduates (by one means or another), and have been struggling with keeping our academic art muscles strong. So we've been motivating each other to keep up the practice of painting from life by going out plein aire painting on a weekly basis. We have two locations we like to frequent, one codenamed "Turkey Land" because of the abundance of wild turkeys, and the other codenamed "Weathertop" because of the beyond-perfect boulder we sit on while painting.
It is such a relaxing thing, and we are getting better each time we go! I've made some doodles of our experiences while out and about, and will post paintings in the future once our practice pays off!

We discovered a big stump that was jam packed full of acorns. I think it was the work of squirrels.

A question Emma kept asking herself, before remembering we were outside.

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