Thursday, April 23, 2015

Journal Cover

I've always kept sketchbooks, but it wasn't until I met Barron Storey that I began to take them seriously. He brought in some of his hundreds of "journals" and told us what that meant, and it changed my life as an artist. They are a personal and spiritual practice, which require much more intention than a place to do studies, and now I can't stand being without one. I use my journals to explore and document my life in a visual way, and as a safe-haven to exercise my creative muscles. Music plays a very large part in their development, and I like to think of them as visual albums. It is important to me that their content goes largely unseen until I finish one, at which point I like to choose a few pages to share here. Barron also encouraged us to decorate the outside, and make it our own, which has become my favorite part! So I thought I'd share the process of making my 5th journal cover. =) 

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