Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I have not blogged in some time, and am currently feeling ever so under the weather. I am currently writing from my bed all bundled up and trying not to completely contaminate my keyboard. I am in a particularly good mood today because I can actually do something that feels productive, my sinuses have been so wrecked I've barely been able to keep the lights on let alone look at an illuminated screen. I decided to use some of my energy today to complete my valentines.
I am a huge fan of Valentine's Day, but not just for celebrating a romantic love, but for celebrating all kinds of love. Keith and I usually don't do anything, and I opt for a "Galentine's Day" with Lauren instead. Though I don't celebrate the holiday traditionally, I do always manage to hand out at least a couple valentines. This year my friend Emma and I got together and made these Cupid's Arrows out of twigs, embroidery floss, glitter paper, and some watercolors. 
They were so much fun to make and have inspired my next DIY project for the house! 
I hope you are having a fun (and healthier) Valentine's Day!
Spread love to everyone!

This is Lauren's Valentine. She hates this holiday, and I seem to be the only one she will accept a valentine from, so I like to have fun with them.

Some quick doodles for inspiration!

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